Strides For Survivors

Steps to Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Walking to raise awareness and donations for Breast Cancer Rehibilitation.

We started this walk after both our mom and grandma went through breast cancer. They we both fortunate enough to find TurningPoint, the breast cancer rehabilitation center that supported their journey through post surgery life.  The support that TurningPoint gave our mom helped her get back to herself and made her recovery so much easier. Giving back to the organization that gave us our mom back just seemed like the least we could do. The donations to TurningPoint will allow other women and their families going through the tough journey of breast cancer through physical therapy, massages, informative classes, and much more. Supporting this incredible foundation will help to provide complementary programs and financial aid so that others can get back on their feet like our mom did. 

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In 2017, we raised $6,220 for TurningPoint. Last year, 2018, we raised $10,000. This year, 2019, we raised $9,000.